Key West Wreckers Races on When And If

Depart from Stock Island Marina on the glorious When And If and motorsail down the South side of the island, rounding Fort Zachary Taylor historic state park to join the many other sailboats jockeying to make their fortune by securing a wreck in distress!

Enjoy a light picnic lunch on the ride down, then begins the race out to the reef in memory of all the sailors, pirates, wreckers and seamen who would do the same, on seeing a vessel in distress on the treacherous waters, in an attempt to be the first to reach her, claim salvage rights and secure their prize. (And rescue her crew. Ahem. Obviously.)

This is a race, and we take it quite seriously. Expect lots of action, crew moving fast and jumping over things, some shouting and sails coming up and down like billy-o. Partake as much or as little as you like, but please be prepared to “hold this for one second please” or “sit on that sail so it doesn’t fly away.” Under most weather conditions it’s a high-energy, exciting experience!


Arrive back at Stock Island Marina about mid-afternoon, with your invitation to the awards ceremony and drinks at Schooner Wharf Bar later that night.

Tickets are just $99 per person and include:

  • Complimentary transport from your hotel or accommodation to the ship
  • Out-And-Back race on When And If from Stock Island Marina
  • A light race lunch (sandwiches, chips etc)
  • Coolers filled with ice, bottled water, La Croix and Gatorade