Ultimately the weather decides, but with a variety of snorkel spots ranging from the barrier reef to wrecks, coral and sponge gardens, our seasoned Captains know all the spots and will discuss with you the best options for the days conditions!  We aren’t like the rest, we don’t go where it is rough because that’s the route, our destination is based on local knowledge and the current sea state.  Rest assured, we will take you to the most protected snorkel location that day has to offer!

Sloop High Tide Leaving from Downtown Key West

Sloop High Tide leaves from downtown Key West. This great departure point gives us many options on snorkel spots and possible wildlife sightings. If the weather and seas permit, we can sail 7 miles out to the Florida reef, the third largest barrier reef in the world and the only living reef in North America.  The snorkeling is a breathtaking assortment of expansive, colorful coral, mature fish and marine life.

On sportier days, or if you want to do more than just snorkel, say, dolphin watching, High Tides’s shallow draft can sail you to the secluded coral nurseries and sponge gardens within the national wildlife sanctuary of the Key West backcountry. Here, there are mangrove islands with their own incredible and diverse ecosystems and calm, shallow waters great for kids.  Dolphins are usually found in what’s known locally as the dolphin playground.

Whether or not you’re opting for dolphins, we then take you to the day’s best snorkel spot.  We want every experience with Sunset Sail Key West to be a great one. With our expert, local knowledge you’ll be assured that the snorkel spot chosen will be just right, in waters protected from the wind to ensure comfortable snorkeling and sea conditions. In the backcountry, we snorkel spots that have coral heads, sponge gardens, and plenty of fish and marine life—there are even some shipwrecks out there we can get to if the winds are right.

3-hour Wreck or Coral Garden Snorkel
you and up to five guests

4-hour Reef or Backcountry Snorkel
you and up to five guests
$595, Snorkel Day Sail
$650, Snorkel & Sunset

4-hour Backcountry Dolphin Watch & Snorkel
you and up to five guests
$595, Snorkel Day Sail
$650, Snorkel & Sunset

High Tide can hold up to ten! For parties of 7-10 people, please add $295 to the prices above.


We’re happy to accommodate any special requests. For booking, call us at (305) 587-4488.


Trips Include:  snorkel gear, instructions, soft drinks, bottled water and coolers stocked with ice.

You are welcome to bring any adult beverages of your choice for consumption after snorkeling.


Tropical fruit plate & snack — $25 (1-6 passengers) / $35 (7-10 passengers)

Ketch Conch West & Schooner Free Spirit
Reef Snorkeling

Our other snorkel boats leave from Stock Island Marina Village, a spot with perfect access to the third-largest barrier coral reef in the world! Take Conch West out to Western Sambo and experience breathtaking myriad of colorful corals, diverse fish populations and other marine animals. This once-in-a-lifetime experience gives you a great appreciation for the natural beauty the Florida Keys have to offer and completes any trip to Key West. Make it a sunset combo and see two amazing natural spectacles in one fun-filled evening!

Trip Includes: snorkel equipment, expert guidance, soft drinks, bottled water, cooler stocked with ice and a sandwich and fruit platter.

BYO adult beverages (after snorkeling) and don’t forget your sunscreen!

On Conch West
you and up to five guests
$695, Snorkel Sail
$795, Snorkel & Sunset

On Free Spirit
you and up to five guests
$595, Snorkel Sail
$695, Snorkel & Sunset

Call us to book: (305) 587-4488